Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exclusive Q&A With Sindi Nene From SA Idols

Sindi Nene chatted exclusively to The GLD and despite the fact that she was eliminated last night – we know that this 22-year old is ready for serious business!  

Watch out world, I'm on my way...!

GL: Sindi, what has been your highlight on the show?
SN: My highlight has definitely been the opportunity to perform live on television, but especially my “showstopper” performance of Single Ladies by Beyoncé.

GL: With your hectic schedule, how did you find time to unwind and relax?
SN: Well, I tried my best to sleep as often as time allowed and it helped a lot to relax both my mind and body.

GL: Future plans after Idols?
SN: Since I was a performer before Idols I will continue to pursue my career, bearing in mind that I have a lot more opportunities than before. I was a performer before, during and will surely be after Idols.

GL: Apart from yourself, among the Top 14 who would've been your pick as the next SA Idol and why?
SN: I know that every contestant in the Top 14 was extremely talented and had the power within them to have won Idols. Unfortunately in this competition there is only one winner – however, I believe most of the Top 14 have what it takes to be South Africa’s next big “thing”

GL: You are obviously a role model to many, any words of wisdom to your fans?
SN: Never loose sight of your dreams, always consult with the Man upstairs for direction and truth. Lastly, always trust yourself and lots of love to you all!

The race is surely not over for Sindi Nene, we salute you girl!

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