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Predicted Fashion Trends in 2012

fashion trends 2012
fashion trends 2012

Every time, fashion trends was spinning with quickly. Then, what will be the trend in 2012 and what events will adorn the international fashion world?

Here's a summary of predicted A to Z from Clare Coulson, fashion freelance writer who often writes in the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and Bazaar, to you keep fashionable.

A to Americana
While the style of Fifties Americana re-introduced by Prada at Milan Fashion Week 2012, you could fill your wardrobe with a sleeveless coat, cropped jacket, full skirt, and a frame bag. Fashion items are certain to back hits in 2012.


B to Belt
Use a big belt on the coat, boyish shirt, pencil skirt, and your shirt-dress safari.

C for Couture
Resurrection of fashion trends 50s era will continue with the silhouette of balloons, peplum skirt, and bold-shouldered jacket. But, choose which has a smoother silhouette than the clothes with wasp-waisted silhouette, like wearing a corset. Also try and match balloon-sleeved tunic with skinny jeans.

D for Demure
2012 is the year to look ultra-feminine and romantic. Choose a dress with puffed sleeves Lacy and demure ankle-length cut to enhance your romance.

E for Extraordinary Shoes
Say goodbye to the platform. Immediately switch and pamper your feet with floral print sandals, kitten heels, or chunky heel mini.

flapper dress
flapper dress

F for Flapper Dress
There is a trend revival era of the 20s fashion on the catwalk. Flapper dress, or dresses that fall waving from the waist look at the fashion show Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and Etro, and Ralph Lauren.

G for the Global Traveler
Tribal motifs, beads, woven or woven carrying bag mixing of cultures in a global fashion trends. Pair with a modern touch to your appearance.

H for Hitchcock Blonde
The designers of the world at this time to dress models with super-feminine style in the 50s. Tata 50s bob hair, black eyeliner, combined with hourglass dresses.

I for Italian Women
Surrealist works of influential Italian designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, will be exhibited in New York 2012. Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel is a competitor of one of the fashionista in the era of the 40s most influential.

J to J Crew
Fashion house beloved First Lady Michelle Obama will open its first outlet in London in 2012.

K to kooky
Collaboration H & M and the Italian brand, Marni, will create more graphic motifs, coats and dresses sleeves 3 / 4, as well as acrylic jewelry.

L for Lanvin
Designers Alberto Elbaz Lanvin celebrates a decade in 2012. We may have to thank this fashion house for bringing back dress with ballet flats and ribbons in the realm of the fashion world.

M to Macaroon
Soft colors such as pale pink, peach and lemon. 2012 is the year for pastel colors.

N for Neon
Neon-colored jeans like fluorescent green, yellow, orange, and pink will you meet a lot of decorating the windows of boutiques in the mall.

O for Outrageous Print
Almost all brands of fashion issue a collection of floral motifs, tropical, and the motives of digital engineering 'hyper-prints'. Patterned pants can be a fun option to hangout at the beginning of the year.

P for Peplum
On the jacket, skirt, or even attached separately. Peplum shape seen in some of McQueen's collection for 2012.

Q for Queen Victoria
Victoria Beckham has increasingly established itself as a reliable designer. February 2012, he will release a ready to wear boutique which is dominated by simple colorful dress.

R for Rucksack
Backpacks have a lot of funny vintage style you find in some fashion houses such as Topshop, Zara. The existence of these backpacks will continue to grow next year.

S for Sport Chic
The upcoming Olympic Games will provide inspiration for sporty style.

trench coat
trench coat

T for the Trench Coat
Still in winter, the beginning of the year will be colored with a beautiful coat from the plain to patterned. Sexy animal skin motifs could be an option on New Year's Eve.

U for Under Water
Aquatic theme will dominate next year's spring collection. Blue colors, motifs shift the waves will dominate color blocking trend that had interest in this year's spring-summer.

V for Vegetarian
Collections of Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress with a variety of vegetables and fruit motifs.

W for White Shirt
Classic and will always be a favorite for all women. Use your plain white shirt in the spring of next year.


X for X Factor
The fashion house Christian Dior John Galliano is still looking for a replacement, most likely the choice will fall on Raf Simons. The Belgian designer is believed will bring a minimalist look that different at Dior.

Y for Yellow
Yellow color trend will still continue to survive until 2012.

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